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Michelle Summa Email
March 23, 2006



I was a longtime friend of Judy O'Neill and I hope anyone that knew Judy while growing up in PC will purchase of a copy of her book "Judy's Fight" on 

Funds from purchases will go to her children's college education fund.  "Judy's Fight" is an insight into her brave and courageous battle with Breast Cancer.  

Anyone that knew Judy knew she was a strong minded & strong willed person, she was also great person,mother and she will always remain a great friend. She will be sorely missed. 

This is a nice website, a good addition to our town. Hopefully it'll mean a good chance to connect with old friends as well.  Speaking of Old Friends: To the graduating class of 1987 our 20 year high school reunion is around the corner, I hope to see you all there.

Judy's Mom Amelia told me that Jude once told her that she was looking forward to attending our 20 year high school reunion cause we were going to have a blast! She will be remembered, always!


Michelle Summa (Carter)

Class of 1987

Amelia O'Neill Petre 
March 21, 2006


My youngest daughter, Judith Marie O'Neill Cenname went to Port Chester High School, class of 1987. Judy battled Breast Cancer for over 3 1/2 years. Judy passed away February 4, 2004.


I wanted to share this with Judy's class.  While Judy was sick she wrote journals to her children and a daily journal of her sickness, emails to friends and family.  Judy also wrote poetry.  Judy always dreamed of someday putting this all into a book.  I put together all this information and had it published into a book.


The book is called "JUDY'S FIGHT by Ryan Crawford.  Judy wanted to reach out and help women who are also battling breast cancer.


The book is available on website.


Judy left behind her tow children Alyssa now 12 years of age and Frank Carl III, 11 years of age, and her husband Frank.


If the book becomes a good seller, the funds from the book will be used to educate her children for college if they decide to go.


If Judy's class president would like to contact me, my email is:  My other two children Vincent, lives in Ossining, NY and my older daughter Jennifer lives in Poughkeepsie, NY.


I would appreciate if this could be shared, as I know some of her class mates may not know she passed away.



Amelia O'Neill Petre

(I used to live on Sands Street in Port Chester, NY)m

Donna Messina Radice 
March 12, 2006


Hi All!  Just wanted to say thanks for this

website that keeps me connected to my hometown!  Born and raised in Port Chester, I find it refreshing that someone would do this to keep us that have moved out of town up-to-date on what is happening at "home".

My husband Robert is also a fellow "Port Chesterite"! We live in Johnson City, NY, about 3 hrs away.  We have 3 daughters- 2 of them were born in Port Chester and one up here in Johnson City.

Please get some more pics of Port Chester as I am trying to show them what a great town

we have!

Keep up the great work! Hi to all I know!



Wendy Del Monte Email
March 5, 2006


What a great website!  Its' wonderful to have so much information on one site!  Keep up the good work!

Feb 12, 2006


Great site.


Keep up the good work !!!

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